Course Descriptions

Introduction to Science and Mathematics Teaching 1/2

The aim of these courses is to attract students to careers in mathematics & science teaching. Students are introduced to examples of high-quality inquiry-based lessons and model the pedagogical concepts to which they are being introduced. In STEMteach 1 students prepare and teach 3 lessons in elementary classrooms, and in STEMteach 2 students prepare and teach 3 lessons in middle school classrooms. Field schools have a high percentage of low income students.

C&T 360: Knowing and Learning in Science and Mathematics

This course expands the prospective teacher's understanding of current theories of learning and conceptual development. Students examine their own assumptions about learning. They critically examine the needs of a diverse student population in the classroom.

MATH 209: Functions and Modeling (Mathematics Students Only)

In this course, students engage in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand their knowledge of the topics found in secondary mathematics. Activities are designed to have them take a second, deeper look at topics they should have been exposed to previously; illuminate the connections between secondary and college mathematics; illustrate good, as opposed to typically poor, sometimes counterproductive, uses of technology in teaching; illuminate the connections between various areas of mathematics; and engage them in problem-based learning, and applications of mathematics.

MATH 409/410: Topics in Geometry/History for Secondary and Middle School Mathematics Teachers (Mathematics Students Only)

409: Study of selected topics from Euclidean, non-Euclidean, and transformation geometry chosen to give breadth to the mathematical background of secondary and middle school teachers.

410: Study of selected topics from mathematical history chosen to provide students with knowledge of major historical developments in mathematics including individual contributions and contributions from different cultures. These topics will include a historical development of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry.

HIST 510/501/389/336: History of Modern Science for STEMteach (Science Students Only)

Surveys the history of science from the seventeenth century to the present with study of the changing theoretical, institutional, and social character of the scientific enterprise. Addresses physical, biological, and social sciences with attention to the chemical revolution at the turn of the nineteenth century, evolutionary biology, the new physics of the early twentieth century, and the professionalization of social science. Relates scientific changes to historical developments in technology, religion, national traditions in Europe and the U.S.A., and non-Western cultures. Students will also be required to write a lesson plan as part of this course.

C&T 366: Classroom Interactions in Science and Mathematics

Prospective teachers are introduced to the way in which curriculum and technology are used in classroom settings to build interrelationships among teachers and students. They are taught how content and pedagogy combine to make effective teaching.

CHEM 598/BIOL 598: Research Methods

Students perform three independent inquiries, and learn to combine skills from mathematics and science in order to solve research problems.

C&T 448: Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum

Content area teachers do far more than impart information to students. They play an important role in guiding middle/secondary students as they use reading and writing as tools for learning. This course includes an overview of the state and national reading and writing scores of adolescents. Students will then be introduced to the basic processes or ways in which individuals may learn to read and write. The course continues with a focus on the instructional strategies and materials that promote the development of reading and writing in the context of teaching new information. Additionally, the course emphasizes the informal methods educators can use, on an on-going basis, to diagnose their students ability to comprehend content material. Finally, appropriate fix-up strategies will be modeled.

C&T 359: Basic Processes of Reading (Mathematics Students Only)

An introduction to reading in relation to specific areas of mathematics. Focus on specialized vocabulary and literature related to the area. Introduction to specific strategies to teach vocabulary and comprehension and to integrated units of study.

C&T 460: Project-Based Instruction in Science and Mathematics

In this course, students aim to master new technologies for problem-based investigations in math and science classrooms. Students also discuss the use of assessment to improve student learning. Students teach project-based lessons to high school students.

C&T 500/598: Student Teaching/Seminar

Students are immersed in the schools to prepare them to confidently assume a teaching position in the public schools. In the seminar students will reflect on their student teaching experiences and examine contemporary critical issues in education.


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