Two students are performing an activity in the Lawrence Campus STEM academics chemistry lab

Learning Pathways

STEMTeach KU at the University of Kansas is designed to improve the teaching and learning of undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students.

The courses are arranged in a developmental sequence. The first two classes are one hour exploration courses open to all interested KU students. These classes are valuable learning experiences that can enrich the degree of many STEM majors, while building a foundation for those who wish to pursue a career in education further.

Participating students complete their B.S. or B.A. in mathematics, natural sciences and/or engineering along with STEMTeach KU coursework. This coursework fits within each degree program to provide focused preparation specific to science and mathematics education content. The result is a deep, thorough understanding of the STEM discipline and a solid foundation in educational practices. The skills acquired through STEMTeach KU come without any additional time added to the degree plan!

Course sequence

Give it a try. Teach to learn, learn to lead.

C&T 290: Introduction to Secondary Science and Mathematics Teaching (STEMteach1) - 1 Hr
C&T 291: Introduction to Science and Mathematics Teaching 2 (STEMteach2) - 1 Hr

Join STEMTeach KU! Choose a STEM degree, with a teaching option.

C&T 360: Knowing and Learning - 3 Hr
MATH 209: Functions and Modeling - 3 Hr (Math Majors Only)
HIST 363 or MATH 409/410: History of Science or Math - 3 Hr
C&T 448: Reading Across the Curriculum - 3 Hr
C&T 366: Classroom Interactions - 3 Hr
BIOL/CHEM 598: Research Methods - 3 Hr
C&T 460: Project-based Learning - 3 Hr

Choose Education. Earn your teaching license.

C&T 500 & C&T 495: Student Teaching and Seminar: Developing the Teaching Portfolio - 7 Hr